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Toy of the week: Snippets


Logophiles unite! No, it's not the love of logos. Logophile comes from the Greek words "Logo" meaning "word" and "phile" meaning "to like, to love".  So Logophile means the lover of words.

I personally like using simple words to communicate everyday thoughts, but that doesn't mean I don't have cacophony of incredibly unique words pounding in my cerebral cortex waiting to escape.

This award winning game is for everyone. Snippets is one of those perfect games for kids, a party, or family game night. You don't need an extensive vocabulary to win at this game. You could use everyday words, slang words, words from a different language, your imagination is the limit! All you need is a bit of creativity, a pinch of fun and a great group to play with.

This is all great but what are we supposed to do? Well, glad you asked. There are 3 types of cards: easy, medium and hard. Each card has 3 letters on them. Your job is to find as many words, that you can possibly think of in 30 seconds to a minute, that contain those 3 letters in that order. The person with the most unique words wins the round.

No wonder this game has won awards: it's super fun, super easy and great for all ages (even young kids can play once they learn to read and write).


Ages: 10+

Number of players: 2-8

Time: 45 min

Skills: communication, socialization, creativity, fine motor, independence, reading, writing, cognition, speed, language

Price: 35$


Be creative and inventive and you're sure to excel! As always Play Together, Play Forever!


Written by Joanna Felemegos


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