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Toy of the Week: Tubo Pitagorico

What is this weird yellow tube thing you're probably wondering. Tubo Pitagorico sounds like some Pythagorean tube mechanism. So complex and difficult to understand, right? Not so much.

Although this has nothing to do with the famous Pythagorean theorem, which does have to do with the sum of the sides of a right angles triangle, Tubo Pitagorico is a simple tube that helps your children with multiplications and divisions. Just turn the knobs on either side of the tube. One side will show you a multiplication while the other side will show a division. In the middle of the tube will be the answer to you equations.

I'm telling you it is so much simpler than using a calculator! Mental math here we come!


Age: 5+

Skills: cognition, math, calculation

Price: 25$


Stay tuned for next week's toy of the week pick. Next month's theme is fun with words! Can't wait to talk about those fun word board games! As always Play Together, Play Forever!





Written by Joanna Felemegos





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