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Who are we?

Dr.Julie Drakoulakou DDS, Joanna, George, Helen, Dr.Yannis Felemegos MD


Jouets LOL Toys is a family owned toy store in Montreal, Quebec, that was created, since 2012, to offer toys and games that promote individual and social development.

Here at LOL Toys, we believe that play is of the utmost importance.  We believe in bringing families, friends and communities together through the power of play by encouraging people of all ages to use their imagination.  

We exist to spread laughter and promote fun, two things that are often lost as we grow older.  With every visit to our store, we promise to bring out the child in you because we believe that the happiest people are the ones who grow old but don't grow up.

As a wise Doctor once said: "What's the point of being a grown up if you can't be childish sometimes?" 


Why a toy store?

We strongly believe that a family that learns to play together will develop strong bonds that will carry for a lifetime.


Our Products

We carry European made and designed educational and creative toys and games as well as toys and games for special needs individuals.

We choose toys that are designed to help children and adults cultivate their imagination, creativity and team spirit.

It is well known in childhood research that the best learning comes from play time. We want to offer our customers opportunities to not only enjoy playtime but to develop and advance skills and traits that will be helpful through out life.

We also choose toys and games that will allow children and adults with special needs to channel their energy and curiosity as well as develop their personalities to their best of their abilities.


Pass by our store

We would gladly welcome you with open arms! By the way, it's bigger on the inside.
653 Ogilvy Avenue,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H3N 1N3
(near Metro Du Parc)