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Toy of the week: Duple

If you've ever played Anomia, then you know how to play Duple.

Duple is a quick-thinking, fast paced game full of fun and yelling of course. Players flip letter cards in turn, and place them in front of them, until the symbols on two players' cards match. Matching players face-off by being the first to shout a word which contains the letters on both cards. But be careful because the words must be at least 5 letters long and have to fall into the category in play.

If you are playing with younger players, you may want to bend the rules a little and allow simple words. But if you want to spice things up a bit, you can even play with words from different languages.

Now go on and scream out those big fancy words from the top of your lungs!

Ages: 10+
Players: 3-6
Time: 20 min
Skills: reading, speed, auditory, visual, matching, fine motor, cognition, socialization, communication, creativity, independence, language
Price: 15$

Keep on reading and learning new words single everyday in order to stump your friends at this game. Stay tuned for next weeks word game. As always Play Together, Play Forever!

Written by Joanna Felemegos

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