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Toy of the Week: Magic

Week 9 of Quarantine: this has all been a big illusion!

I've done the puzzles. I've done the colouring. I've done the modelling... Lego models that is. I've read books, I have even done the cooking, cleaning AND the sewing and knitting. I don't know how many board games and chess matches I could possibly play with my friends and family anymore! And I have finally seen everything on Netflix. So now I've turned to trickery. Yes, Loki has entered my soul and now I am one with the trickster God. Hiding things around the house and fooling my family. Ok not exactly. I'm learning a new skill: magic tricks! I think I should have DMed Neil Patrick Harris for this. He's pretty good at it.

It's time to pick a card, any card... no not that one. Alright, alright, I've only been doing this for a week so chillax everyone and check behind your ear! HA! There's nothing there... oh wait no there is... oh ew dudes like come on! I mean I know we've been locked up inside but you can still clean behind your ears! You never know when a magician might pull something from behind there.

Let's forget about the cards for a second and try some magic cups with disappearing foam balls. Hocus Pocus! Let me wave my little wand around here and Bam! Hey, alright it worked! Uh no, they just rolled under the couch (you weren't supposed to know that). Boy, I don't think I'm getting the hang of this.

Ok one last thing before I go. Let me try some of Houdini's Magic, the greatest magician ever! Maybe he has some knowledge to instill in me. I will try and escape my handcuffs! Here I go. Locking them up nice and tight... too tight... and throwing the keys away... um... (wait maybe I might need those)... I just need to like remove one wrist from... um... Heh... ugh... you know maybe I shouldn't have thrown the keys out my window. Oh boy! Um, I shouldn't have tried magic tricks in self isolation. This was a bad idea, a very bad idea.


So while I try and figure out how to remove my hands from these cuffs maybe some of you could benefit from learning some of these magic tricks. And maybe come and rescue me sometime, when the lockdown is lifted. Until then, keep Playing together and playing forever!


Written by Joanna Felemegos


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