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Toy of the week: Risk


Week 6 of self isolation: I want to take over the world!


So I've recently been invited to Risk board game nights with my close friends and neighbours. Relax! It's all virtual! Honestly, they are pros and although I want to be the one conquering the world they can easily kill me off in 2 turns! Good thing for alliances!

This game is full of strategy, something that I have not perfected yet, and it also builds teamwork. Since, without alliances between the other competitors you WILL lose and fast! Little hint: make alliances with One expert or All the newbies! The point of the game is to conquer all the territories of the world. To do so, you have to fight the other players for their territory. You don't negotiate for spaces here; this is an all out WAR! Although maybe it would be a nice idea if there was a sort of negotiation procedure to follow like: "Excuse me Sir or Madam, may I please buy your territory? - Oh! Do you have 1 million Risk Dollars? - Why yes I do here you go. - Oh thank you! You may have France..." Or something of the sort.

Although this game was originally based on a classic global domination, a type of war like simulation where the point is to defeat all the players and become world ruler, there are many different versions out there. When the french film director Albert Lamorisse invented this game in the 1950's, did he even think that there would be a futuristic or zombie version of his game? Probably, since he was a creative movie guy. Now you can celebrate 60 years of this game! Has it been that long?

Enjoy the quarantine time with some friends, virtually, and try to take over the world, on the board! Continue Playing Together and Playing Forever, because what else can you do in self isolation?


Written By Joanna Felemegos




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