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Toy of the Week: Mathable


To continue with Math Month here at Jouets LOL Toys, this week's toy of the week is Mathable.

Mathable is a game that consists of making simple math operations by crossing numbers on a game board. It's sort of like Scrabble, but with math equations. This puts a little twist on mental math and is a great game for ages 9 years and older. It's also in a perfect price range for a lifetime of knowledge; for just 30$ you can learn addition, subtraction, division and multiplication all in one game.

Many people don't like math because they think it's complex, or there's just TOO MANY NUMBERS, but this game will give anyone the confidence to face those math equations with ease next time around.

This game also comes in a card form so you can play on trips or on the go. Since it is played without a board, players must combine the numbers in their hands with the results in any row or column of the table. 

We love these games because you have to be smart to win! If you can't pull off simple calculation, well get ready to congratulate your opponent. And of course, the more you play the more complex your equations start to get. Parents, shhh don't tell your kids, but this will help them with their math homework too.

Ages: 9+

Skill: cognition, concentration, math, logic, socialization, communication, fine motor.

Price range: 13-30$


Stay tuned for another math game next week. As always Play together, play forever!


Written by Joanna Felemegos



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