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Toy of the Week - Proof!


Poof! And just like that summer has come and gone and the new school year has begun. So for our first ever toy of the week blog we are going to ease into the school year all while keeping some spring in our step and summer in our minds.

This toy of the week is called Proof! And we think it’s the perfect game to start off the fall.  Simple yet complex, fun yet educational and quick yet hours of play, this game has everything a parent likes and all the fun of the game that the kids enjoy.

The objective: collect the most cards. How you ask? Well just by equating the numbers, we reply! Set 9 cards in a grid 3 by 3 and try to match the numbers by forming an equation. Boy, do I wish this could be for everyone. 

Poof! Your wish is our command. Proof! can be played by anyone who knows how to calculate. It’s really as simple as 2+2. Young children can start off by doing simple additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions. Too simple you say? Well you don’t have to stop there! 

Poof! Just made the game go up to another level. Math geniuses don’t fret. 2+2 could be for youngsters just learning the math ropes but you however can complicate your life more, if you want to, just by adding exponents and fractions to the equations, therefore collecting more cards quicker. Nerds unite! 

Proof! makes learning math fun. Man, do I wish I could have learned math this easily when I was younger. Children should love to learn, especially something that is used everyday after they graduate from school. So make education fun for them and don’t treat it as homework, but like a game. The more fun they have, the more things get absorbed into their spongy brains. 

Ages: 9+

Players: 2-6

Time: 10-20 min

Skills: cognition, logic, creativity, math, counting, fine motor, socialization, independence

Price: 25$


This has been our very first toy of the week. Hope you like our picks and stay tuned for next’s week toy of the week. Reminding you always to play together and play forever! 

Jouets LOL Toys Team

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