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Toy of the week: Counting Dino-Sorters

Hello, and welcome to Jurassic Playtime! We are journeying to a time long ago. A time where dinosaurs roam free. A time where chaos rules and all order is lost!

Little explorers of the prehistoric period, are you ready? It is time to count and sort these lost dinos and bring them back home to their mommas! In the Learning Resources' Counting Dino-Sorters Math Activity Set, each dinosaur is associated with a special color and an egg with a specific number on it. Sort and count them and put them back in their homey little eggs.

Parents and teachers use this game to teach children from a young age to count until 10, to see and name different colors and to learn to clean up. Later on you can teach them to add and subtract and even multiply and divide!

This game is also adaptable to different play styles as well, such as creative play. Use the little dino figures to create a prehistoric world for yourself. Fun for counting and Easter egg hunts! That's why this multi-use toy is the toy of the week.

But you know, if dinosaurs aren't really your thing, you could learn the same thing with our Snap-and-Learn Owls. Don't forget to checkout our other selection of educational toys from Learning Resources.


Age: 3+

Skills: counting, organization, cognition, sequencing, calculation, correspondence, color matching, sorting, fine motor, visual, independence

Price: 50$

Keep on counting and as always Play Together Play Forever!


Written by Joanna Felemegos




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