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Toy of the week: Beezi


Save the bees! The spelling bees that is. Did you know, before they were called spelling bees they used to be called Spelling Match, Spelling Fight or even Spelling Combat.

"Alas foe I challenge you to a spelling duel wherein I shall out-spell you!
Not if I out-spell you first, worthy adversary! Haha!"

They changed it to Spelling Bees because "bee" is an alteration of the Middle English word "bene" that meant “voluntary help given by neighbors toward the accomplishment of a particular task." This word was historically been used to describe group activities. This makes sense. I mean bees, the eusocial animal, live in hives and help out one another in their society to accomplish a greater goal. They all work in a team and cooperate with one another to grow their colony. It would have been nice if this game was based on the eusociality of bees but unfortunately Beezi is cut-throat.

This spelling game uses a special six-sided die with different bees on it - Stinger, Queen Bee, Honey Bee, Bumble Bee, Digger Bee, Killer Bee. Players take turns rolling the die choosing a card with a specific bee and spelling the word on that card. Only the Beekeeper gets to see the card in play and says it out loud, while all the players figure out how to spell that word. If the player whose turn it is spells it correctly the player gets the indicated number of beez which are then placed on a honeycomb board; if that player misspells the word, the other players who spelled the word correctly get the beez. Watch out because Stinger bees make you miss a turn, and keep an eye out for the Queen Bee because she will give you the opportunity to earn double the number of beez!

Ages: 13+
Players: 2-6
Time: 1 hour
Skills: communication, socialization, fine motor, independence, reading, writing, cognition, language
Price: 35$

Playing this game got me intrigued not only with words but also with bees! Got any school project featuring bees this year? Spell out words relating to bees and how they live! Play this game with your class and add some definitions in the mix for extra points. Don't forget to Play Together and Play Forever.

Written by Joanna Felemegos

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