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Toy of the week: Mark My Words

Bring Scrabble to the next level with Mark My Words! Oh boy! These words send shivers down my spine! Remember when your parents told you "Mark my words... or else!" Brrr... But hey! This game is totally different than stern warnings from your parents. You literally have to mark words down. Wait a minute; unless they are subliminally giving you messages through the words that they spell. Anyways, here's how to play Mark my words.
Just like Scrabble, this game is played on a grid mat. Similarly, players start off by placing letters to form words on the board. Whenever a player adds letters they must create new words. But there's a catch. Words are not only read vertically and horizontally, but they are also read in a zigzagy way as long as the letters are touching each other. Now unlike the classic Scrabble game that we all know and love, Mark my Words has letter tiles of various sizes. This makes reading the words more difficult. Players must 'mark' (write down) all words they discover during the game. Each new word is worth 1 point, and the player with the most points wins.
This is a great opportunity to take the classic game with a twist and learn some new words. But knowing my luck with word games, I'll only be able to spell out CAT or TOE or OXTER (It's a word look it up!). I got to say, it will be hard to find your words at first because of all the different sized letters but that's half the fun! You'll see some words someone else won't! Shh don't tell them so you can get the point.
Ages: 8+
Players: 2-6
Time: 20 min
Skills: reading, visual, fine motor, cognition, socialization, communication, creativity, independence, language
Price: 35$

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