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Toy of the week: Tegu

To end our month of construction, let us introduce to you a building block toy company based in Honduras (just outside Tegucigalpa) where they also manufacture their building blocks, called Tegu. We believe that every person possesses the ability to build, create and imagine and with Tegu blocks as the canvas for their imagination, their creations are limitless. No instruction manuals or electronics needed, these are literally the building blocks of your creativity and imagination.
Not only are Tegu blocks fun for playing but they are also used for learning. When a child plays their minds are opened to learn in new and exciting ways and they don't even realize that they are learning!
Teachers also love these classic wooden building blocks, with a magnetic twist, in their classrooms. In fact, that is where Tegu all began! Tegu Blocks bring open-ended imaginative play to the classroom with the feel of all natural wood and the powerful wonder of magnets. This STEAM toy teaches children to build big and learn unique lessons from science (magnetism) to math to art.

These blocks are harvested responsibly and the wood is the most sustainable material available and are completely safe for young children.

Give this educational gift to either boys or girls this holiday season. And don't worry if they already have the same models, the more blocks the more fun!  This is for everyone and anyone who has a wild imagination and is willing to build all the cool stuff that comes to their mind!


Ages: 1+
Skills: cognition, logic, 3D visualization, visual, hand-eye coordination, concentration, pattern recognition, creativity, independence, science, math, imagination, repetition.
Price: 20-160$



Don't forget as the holidays slowly approach to Play Together and Play Forever! 






Written by Joanna Felemegos



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