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Toy of the week: Personally Incorrect


Let's kick off December with a bang! This game is not suited for children, or parents. This game gets real personal, real fast so it's best to play it with a group of people who will not judge you no matter what. And we mean NO MATTER WHAT.

Personally Incorrect is the appropriately inappropriate party game that will make you hate what you think and love what you play. Personally Incorrect was designed specifically so that every round will offend people! So if you are one of those people who get easily offended over everything, well sorry to say but this game is definitely not for you. We are sorry if this offends you. Personally Incorrect attacks the people you are playing with – and no one is safe!

Here is how to play: If you have already played Cards Against Humanity then you are pretty much half way there in figuring out the rules. They are quite similar.

Each player gets 10 answer cards. After each round each player will replace their cards played by drawing a new card from the draw pile. The game consists of 10 rounds. Place 10 Personally Incorrect Question cards in a pile. One Question card is played in each round.

Choose who will be first questions reader for the round. They will flip over the top Question card in the pile and set it in the middle of the table to read it out loud. When reading a Question card in the the space where it says “Insert Name”, the reader picks a name of a player at the table, excluding themselves to use. Each player including the reader picks a card from their hand that is the most appropriately inappropriate answer for the BLANK spot and place the card face down in front of them. The reader then collects all the answer cards, shuffles them and then reads the answers out loud placing the cards in a line in front of them. When reading, the reader should not indicate to players which card they played.

So here is the big different to Cards against Humanity: The Voting round. All the players except for the reader votes on one card they like best. Players cannot vote for their own card they have put down. If there is a tie then the reader gets to select one of the tied answers to win.

The winner of the round keeps the question card in their points pile. Discard the used answer cards and the next round continues in a clockwise manner. Each question card is worth 1 point. The player with the most points at the end of 10 rounds wins. If there is a tie then you play more rounds until there is no more ties.

Sounds long but actually it's a pretty quick game. You will put your friends in the most awkward situations. Who wouldn't want that right? Right? Well, it's only a game... But you know deep, deep, deep, deep, deep down, that's what they really think of you. We're kidding! Or are we? Yes we are. You're great! Grab this game and have fun with each other poking fun at yourselves!


Ages: 18+

Players: 5-10

Time: 20-30 min

Skills: reading, visual, fine motor, socialization, communication, creativity, language, team building, emotional control, social development

Price: 25-35$


For this game you best Play Together and Play Forever!




Written by Joanna Felemegos


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