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Toy of the week: My Dream Home Arckit Designed

arckit 360

Week 3 of quarantine, and I could tell you guys everything is going fine. But I would be lying. I wouldn't be honest if I couldn't tell you I wasn't going a little cuckookachu in my small open concept condo. I NEED SOME SPACE MAN! OK mental breakdown over, now it's time to get down to business. I have designed my dream Isolation Destination during this quarantine season. 

So here we have a wonderful toy that I have to say I have absolutely played with and love. I got to design my quarantine dream house using this Arckit 360 construction game. All right, so let's begin the Isolation Destination tour from the left shall we.


First Floor: In the round area, we have the library; full of a variety of books, from actualities and biographies to fantasy and science fiction. Always illuminated by the sun because it is, of course, surrounded with an almost 360° window view of the coast. See, my dream house is on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean away from civilization: great place to relax and unwind and, of course, self isolate. Stepping out of our little book nook, we have the first floor outdoor patio, attached to the indoor food prep for the patio area, where I would prepare the food to be grilled on the barbie (that's Bbq in Australian), after a nice swim in the olympic sized swimming area. This area is also the drying up area, after a good swim. OK, maybe that part needs some more designing to do but, anyways, as we move toward the center, we have the kitchen and living room areas, where people gather to cook and eat and lay on the couches and play board games and watch movies or tv or basically just hang out together. But in self isolation it's were I can do whatever I want! Let's not forget that there are bathrooms on every floor, otherwise where else am I going to put my millions rolls of toilet paper?


Second Floor: On the second floor we have the gym area with full of weights and yoga mats and some machine bicycles, treadmills and other stuff people use to stay fit. We also have an outdoor dinning area so that if it's a nice enough night I can eat under the stars maybe even with the stars! Huh! Huh! Hey! It's called a fantasy quarantine dream home for a reason!
Top Floor: Finally on the top floor, we have the tanning area. In my fantasy dream home Isolation Destination, it's always sunny, all the time, 24/7 (yes 24/7), because that's how I roll. Therefore, there are permanent beach chairs up there to lay on (maybe even a hammock) and tan all day long in the nice coastal ocean air. 

Well, that's my dream quarantine home. Hope you enjoyed the tour. I would love to visit your fantasy quarantine Isolation Destinations as well. Feel free to comment what your dream home would look like. Would you be surrounded by a forest? Would you stay in the city? Are you one of those minimalists that are super duper comfy living in a cubical? Would you have many pets? Whatever you imagine and design, we are sure it definitely suits your personality, needs and likes!


As always even thought we are far apart lets remember to Play Together and Play Forever!



By Joanna Felemegos

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