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Toy of the Week: Arckit

Arckit is one of the many toys that is part of the STEAM movement of the world. This model kit, designed and made in Ireland, is used by many, as an architectural model building system, in order to introduce the world of architecture to everyone. This is far more sophisticated then the classic building blocks we were used to playing with as kids. Because of their advanced design, Arckit has won numerous awards as one of the most advanced architectural free form building systems. Similarly to Lego or Tegu, Arckit pieces can be interchangeable between model. Completed models can even be finished with a range of realistic building textures stickers. But let's face it, you can never really complete an Arckit model because there is no limit to your imagination.
Arckit is equally popular with both boys and girls! These kits enable children to explore their creativity and learn about the architectural profession, all while having fun! The creators of Arckit have a mission to inspire the next generation of designers and encourage new creators, makers, builders, engineers and architects. Especially the young females who are now taking over more and more in this profession.
Arckit is also used in various workshops around the world to teach technical designs using the physical components as well as 3D digital components. The students design and build a model home from scratch for their project. This teaches them effective workplace and business skills as well as teamwork because they have the chance to meet with the client and work alongside them all while learning about architectural designs.
Arckit is one of educational toys that is being considered for use within school curriculums as a tool for inspiring kids to explore their inner creativity, teaching them valuable STEAM  skills (science, technology, engineering, art, math) without them even knowing it! Based on modern building techniques, they can build anything from a designer home, city skyscraper, or even representations of famous structures. It is no wonder why it is used in schools for STEAM education! Teachers use Arckit to run hands-on architecture courses in schools and universities. Students study the structure of buildings by analyzing and understanding the strength and weakness of construction materials, examine the structural forces that affect towers and bridges, and create and design energy efficient buildings of the future. Instead of using craft material, glue guns and woodwork, the Arckit model kit provides an aesthetically pleasing and efficient design tool for the students. The lessons combines practical real-world connections and hands-on activities to give students the opportunity to see how science, math and engineering are all integral parts of their everyday lives. We hope that more teachers at both primary and secondary school level introduce Arckit to their students as part of a STEAM lesson tool to familiarize the children with architecture and design.
As a free form scaled model building STEAM toy, Arckit is a fun way to spontaneously bring your ideas to life and offers everyone a practical way to physically explore structures and apply ‘real world’ skills in a fun and creative way.

Ages: 8+

Awards: With entries from over 100 countries, Arckit was chosen as representing the best of architecture worldwide, winning:

- The Architizer A+ Award 2016 : Architecture and Learning Category

- Jury Award

Skills: cognition, logic, 3D visualization, visual, hand-eye coordination, socialization, communication, teamwork, concentration, pattern recognition, creativity, fine motor, independence, tactile.

Price: 60-480$


Keep creativity alive in our modern world. Never forget to Play Together, Play Forever!




Written by Joanna Felemegos



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