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Great loot bag ideas for birthday parties


School has started and that means your kids are getting invited to so many birthday parties, which means you are going to all these birthday parties, which also means you need to host birthday parties so your kids don't feel left out. Boy what a struggle. And you want to invite all their friends, without breaking the bank. What can you find as a loot bag to give these amazing little ones for joining in on the fun? Where do you even start looking? Look no further, for we have great inexpensive loot bag ideas just for you that fit in your birthday budget!


#1 Hockey pencils


These pencils with a hockey stick style eraser at the tip are perfect loot bag gifts for a hockey themed birthday party. Kids and parents will love it because not only are they fun to play with little balls of paper, but they can still be used at school. Oh and let's not forget, they are inexpensive! And on top of everything, the kids will never forget that birthday party experience because they will have the memory of it in their pencil case.

Ages: 5+

Skills: fine motor, writing, hand-eye coordination, creativity

Price: 3 $


#2 Boinks Fidgets



Another cheap loot bag that won't put a big dent in your wallet are the Boinks Fidgets or Boinks Fidgets Keychains. Does your child know too many restless friends that they want to invite to their birthday party? And now, all you're thinking of is "Oh my god they are going to be running all over the place?" Just pop one of these fidget toys right in their hands and watch them fidget that marble inside back and forth for hours. Not only is this a great loot bag idea, it's really helpful in classrooms as well, because the children can sit down and actually concentrate on what the teacher is saying all while moving there little hands and fingers constantly.

Ages: 5+

Skills: concentration, tactile

Price: 3-4$


#3 Ty Mini Boos and Teeny Tys


Who doesn't love TY? No one that's who! You know why? Because they have thought of everything. They got all sorts of stuff for girls, boys, adults and children and everything in between. You can't go wrong with TY Mini Boos surprise packs: either with regular animals or Paw Patrol themed packs. Depending if you have a themed party or not, we have a wide selection from wild animals, pets, Paw Patrol to even Minions. Come on! Who can resist those Minions?

Ages: 3+

Skills: visual, collectable

Price: 4$


#4 Musical Instruments

If you know how to hum you know how to play a kazoo! You can't have a party without music. Why not give your guests a chance to participate in a band? You play the kazoo, that other person there plays the cups and then you also have the spoons! OK it sounds a little out of the ordinary but believe me: Oh! the fun you'll have at this birthday party! 

Ages: 3+

Skills: auditory, socialization, creativity

Price: 4-5 $


#5 Lego and Playmobile figures


You cannot go wrong with either Lego or Playmobile surprise figures. They are what they are: little characters that you can integrate with any imaginative play time.


They come in a fun surprise pack and no one knows what they are going to get! It's a surprise fun double feature if you ask us: one for getting a gift and another for opening said gift.


But there are also the figures that aren't in a surprise pack that are just as much fun.

Ages: 5+

Skills: imagination, creativity, fine motor, role playing

Price: 3-5$


#6 Loopdedoo Charms



Bling bling! Show off your kid's fashion skills at their birthday party and get their friends "à la mode" with these Loopdedoo charms for their DYI bracelets. Loopdedoo is a great bracelet, necklace or bandana making activity to play at the party and these charms are perfect for the loot bags as a fun reminder of that great event. And with every charm there is a reminder of Love, Peace, Happiness, Imagine and Laughter to pass on to each other.

Ages: 8+

Skills: cognition, puzzle, creativity, fine motor, visual, tactile

Price: 6$


#7 Pixel Pops

Pixel Pops remind me of those Minecraft games but, in this case, you build a pixelated cubic looking animal instead of cities, buildings and such. Cute and super simple, these are an interesting loot bag idea for those safari adventure themed parties and your little explorers.

Ages: 6+


Price: 7$



These have been our selection of cheap loot bag ideas all under 10$. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more options such as: Super hero keychains, Shopkins, Twozies, Slime, Squishies, mini figures, playing cards. I can go on and on please somebody stop me!

To whoever is celebrating their birthdays soon we wish you a happy birthday! And don't forget to Play Together, Play Forever!



written by Joanna Felemegos



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