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5 Games to Play for Halloween

Halloween is coming and it's time to get those costumes ready, haunted houses mapped for exploring and those party games ready for all those Halloween parties. Here's our top 5 Halloween games to play with friends during these scary times.


#1 Werewolves

Werewolves has been out in stores for quite a while but it is still going strong. This is not one of my favorite games just because I'm always the one getting murdered for no good reason in the first round! Thanks a lot guys! But aside from my problems, this game is actually quite fun to watch and I supposed, obviously, to play, if you live long enough...

So from an observer's perspective, it seems like you people are having a blast. As you probably know, each player is a specific character with special powers. In these expansion pack of Werewolves (or Loups-Garous for the french version) there are villagers (who get to vote who to kill at the end of the day), witches who cast spells, the little girl (who can spy to see who is the wolf) and obviously the werewolf or werewolves and many more players.

Here, we have some expansion packs so there will be more characters. In the New Moon Expansion (Nouvelle Lune) pack there are: the town elder, the village idiot (who doesn't die when voted to be killed... my kind of player), the piper, the scapegoat and more wolves. Duh! And in the Characters Expansion (Les Personnages) pack there are some interchangeable sisters, actors who can assume another character and many more wolves.

Well, I'd rather be the storyteller when it comes to these Werewolves game, but some of these characters have interesting powers. Unfortunately, I won't get the chance to use them seeing as I will probably be lynched by my village in round one. But that doesn't stop you guys from discovering these powers for yourself when you play this great game during those Halloween parties or get-togethers with your friends. It's alright, just give me a bag of chips and some dip and I'll watch you play all night if I have to. Oh the sacrifices I do for fun!

You can play with just the expansion or add it to the original game.

 Ages: 10+

Players 8-18

Time: 30 min

Skills: socialization, strategy, cognition, creativity

Price: 16$


#2 Bite Night

"I vant to suck your blood!!!" OK, this has nothing to do with Porphyria, a.k.a "vampire disease". Bite Night is however, a set collecting, memory and speed game.

With this game, you can play either in easy mode or advanced mode. Personally, lets start with easy and once we get better at it we can move on to advanced vampire slayer level, like Buffy. Each player is distributed cards. The number of moon tiles, cards and rounds played all depend on the number of players. The point of the game is to collect sets. Cards give point values to the different sets of moon tiles you can collect. But beware, some cards have abilities that will affect the outcome of the game.

There are 2 phases to Bite Night: morning phase and night phase. For the Morning Phase, each player places a rendez-vous card from their hand onto the table that they will attempt to fulfill. These cards are placed face down in order of the player's turns. Each player then draws 3 moon tiles, also face down. Once everyone has drawn, they flip the moon tiles at the same time. Then each player tries to grab the moon tiles they need to fulfill the card they placed down earlier.

For the Night Phase, reveal the rendez-vous card. Each player will receive points if they fulfill the card they played. The player with the most points at the end of the final round wins the game.

It is a bit complicated at first, but once you keep playing, it gets easier and easier. This is a great game if you want some friends over and spend a long evening together chilling out at home. Before the vampires come and get you!

Ages: 8+

Players: 2-4

Time: 20 min

Skills: strategy, logic, sequencing, memory, agility, fine motor, socialization

Price: 40$

*place video here!

#3 Arkham horror

Arkham Horror is a cooperative adventure game based on H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. If you don't know the Cthulhu Mythos, you could go out to your library and read Mr. Lovecraft's short story called the "Call of Cthulhu" published in 1928. And if you don't know who Howard Phillips Lovecraft is, maybe by playing this game you will find some sort of interest in the 20th century American "weird fiction" and "horror fiction" writer.

Why Arkham? This has nothing to do with Batman? True, but Arkham is a dark fictional town in Massachusetts that is the setting of many of Lovecraft's stories. Fun fact, the name of Arkham Asylum, in the DC universe, the high security asylum that was supposed to keep Joker and all the other villains of Gotham city locked up, was picked by writer Dennis O'Neil and editor Jack C. Harris in an homage to Lovecraft. Neat-O Batman!

The point of the game is to prevent the Ancient Ones and the monsters from breaking into our world through the many portals that are opening up! So players must quickly figure out how to close these portals from the other dimension to prevent total destruction of our world. Each player has special skills, allies, items and weapons to help defeat the monsters that appear in the streets of Arkham. If too many portals open, the Ancient One awakens and the only way to win the game is to defeat it in combat. Well good luck with that. Maybe we should call Batman at that point!

This is a really long game but so much fun with a great group of friends who love joining forces to fight crime and the forces of evil! In board games that is, not as crime fighting vigilantes. Enter the world of H.P Lovecraft and run around your imagination for hours during this spooky season!

Ages: 12+

Players: 1-8

Time: 2-6 hours

Skills: strategy, logic, fine motor, socialization, cooperation, team building, reading, imagination

Price: 90$


# 4 Meurtre à bord (french)

Sorry anglophones but this section will be in french since this game is only in french so voilà!

Imaginez ceci! C'est l'été 1928 et vous profitez d'un bel après-midi d'été sur le yacht de votre riche oncle. Quand tout d'un coup vous entendez un cri! AHHH! Vous courez vers les cris pour voir ce qui est tout le brouhaha. Il y a eu un Meurtre à bord! Le millionnaire Joseph-Arthur Goldman est retrouvé poignardé dans le studio de sa fille sur le même yacht luxueux où vous vous tenez. De toute évidence, ce n'était pas vous qui sirotiez votre piña colada à l'autre côté du bateau. Ou, était-ce le cas? N'ayant pas d'autre choix, le Capitaine du navire, s'il est belle et bien le capitaine, a confiné tous les suspects à bord du S.S. Meurtre Expresse dans la salle à manger et explique que les gardes côtières ne sont pas loin derrière et embarqueront bientôt pour arrêter le meurtrier. Mais bien sûr, étant donné que vous êtes tous allés à l'académie de police ou avez tous lu tout un tas de livres de Sherlock Holmes et que vous savez comment détecter, vous décidez que c'est votre moment de gloire. Essayons tous ensemble de résoudre le mystère du millionnaire assassiné. Qu'est ce qui pourrait aller mal? Mettez vos chapeaux imaginaires de détective et ramassez cette loupe car vous êtes en mission de résoudre le mystère.

C'est un excellent jeu pour quiconque qui souhaite devenir un détective. Invitez vos amis et résolvez les meurtres pour un après-midi rempli d'horreur.

Âges: 16+

Joueurs: 8

Temps: 3 heures

Skills: stratégie, logique, motricité fine, socialisation, cooperation, développement de l'esprit d'équipe, lecture, imagination, jeu de rôle

Prix: 35$

#5 Sherlock Holmes council detective (french)


Si vous avez toujours voulu devenir détective, comme j’ai toujours rêvé de le devenir, ceci est le jeu avec lequel vous voulez vous entraîner.

Sherlock Holmes Détective Conseil vous présente un mystère à résoudre. Vous devriez suivre les indices et les preuves dans les ruelles de Londres au 19e siècle. N'hésitez pas à interroger les suspects, à rechercher des signes dans les journaux et à rassembler les faits pour trouver une solution. Mais méfiez-vous de Moriarty qui veut empêcher vos projets!

Ce n'est pas un jeu de hasard ou de chance, mais un défi pour votre capacité mentale. Le jeu a été soigneusement recherché pour la précision holmesienne et victorienne afin de capturer un sentiment de cette ancienne époque.

Viens Watson! Le jeu est en cours! (Littéralement)


Âges: 13+

Joueurs: 1-8

Temps: 1-2 heures

Skills: stratégie, logique, motricité fine, socialisation, cooperation, développement de l'esprit d'équipe, lecture, imagination, jeu de rôle

Prix: 60$



All these games are on sale for the month of October so now is your chance at getting them at a good price! Remember to Play Together and Play Forever!




Written by Joanna Felemegos

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