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Easter traditions you probably didn't know about

Easter is right around the corner and we thought it would be fun to see how countries around the world celebrate their tradition of Easter. 

1. Poland


As much as we love their Easter tradition of Pysanky which is the art of egg painting, the Polish have another fun tradition they celebrate called Wet Monday, or what they call "Smigus Dyngus".

This tradition consists of, guess what, a Water fight! So if ever you find yourself in Poland during the Easter holiday don't forget to bring your bathing suit because come Easter Monday you'll be soaking wet! 

It starts off in the morning when the parents wake up the children pouring water in their faces (or vice-versa). Then you get to play all day with water themed toys, such as water guns, water balloons, water slides... But you can never go wrong with a plastic bucket or an inflatable pool!

Some people turn this into a game of boys vs. girls and legend says that if a girl gets soaked then she will be married within the year. There is nowhere in Poland safe from water fights during those days. The best tip you can get is to not leave home alone unless you carry a huge water gun with you so you can fight back or a nice raincoat to keep from getting wet everywhere!

2. Norway


You know Norway... that country in Northern Europe where the movie Frozen was inspired by? Well they have a fun and rather unique tradition they celebrate during the Easter holiday season. Along with all the classic eggs and the painting and all that, they also have Murder Mysteries Adventures! What the Norwegians like to call “Påskekrim” ("Paske" meaning Easter and "Krim" meaning Crime). Can you believe it! A whole country join forces, the week before Easter Monday and play mystery games and read murder novels like Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie books and many others (here are some Norwegian crime fiction writers if anything of the sort peeks your interest: Jo Nesbø, Karin Fossum, Jørn Lier Horst and Agnes Ravatn).

Magazines and Milk cartons also have "Whodunit" games and cartoons that readers attempt to decipher and figure out who the killer might be. The adventure often runs for a good week and the mysteries are usually solved by Easter Monday. Though this tradition is unlike anything you've ever seen, it is quite inclusive and enjoyed by religious and non religious folks.

3. Bermuda

When you think of Bermuda, I bet you think of the Beach Boys song Bermuda, Bahamas all the pretty mamas... But did you know that when it comes to Easter traditions they have one that is almost out of this world? I said almost. That's because it's on cloud 9. Well in the clouds.

The Bermudians have a tradition of Kite flying during the Easter holidays. They make their own kites with sticks and bright paper, long tails, string and tissue called "hummers" that make a buzzing noise as they fly through the air. On Good Friday large crowds gather together at the annual Kite Festival and fly their beautiful kites.

This tradition supposedly started when a teacher had difficulty explaining to children Christ's ascension to Heaven, so he made a kite shaped like a cross to illustrate this Ascension by flying it high in the sky.


These are wonderful and different Easter traditions to learn about. What is your favorite Easter tradition? We would like to know. Always remember to Play Together and Play Forever!



By Joanna Felemegos


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