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Mother's Day Quarantine!

Another mother's day has come upon us once again, but this time it's not like usual. Normally, we would have had a workshop for mother's day and do a little corsage, or something spring-like to celebrate moms around the world and the coming of spring and flowers and sunshine. Because mothers bring all those things out of the world don't they?

We understand many people are not able to see their mothers on this day because of self isolation. Big bummer! But even if you can't be with them and give then the biggest hug in the world there are many other ways to say you love her.

Aside from video chatting with your mothers, here are some suggestions you could do with her during quarantine.

1. Virtual Tea Time


Grab your tablets out and have a little tea party with your mother across town! What a great way to catch up on current indoor events; like who built the biggest puzzle or how much TV they are binging.

And you can even get them the perfect tea cups for this occasion. Just in case you needed to be a little extra. Nothing is too good for the queen of the household!


2. Cook together

If you are lucky enough to be self isolating with your mother, you have the chance to cook together, or bake together, whatever you peeps like doing. Cooking together not only unifies the family but it is a great fun way to stay occupied and social, offline. Plus, it promotes gratitude and traditions. You not only get to see how your mother learned all those secret family recipes, but you also get to see where your dinner comes, meaning you get to see all the hard work you put into it and appreciate that home cooked meal.

3. Serenade her


Music is one thing you can do from a distance. Just look at the entire of Italy who went musical from their balconies. You can do the same and sing to your mother or if you cant sing you could give her this beautiful musical box so she will always remember you by.

This year won't be about who got her the biggest and most expensive gifts, or about taking her out to brunch or dinner. It will be who would make the time in to be with her even virtually. Remember even with your mother, you should Play Together and Play Forever!


Written by Joanna Felemegos

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