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Twozies Season 1 (2 Pack)



Whose pet will you get? The Twozies have lost their Pet Friends. Now they need your help to bring them together again! Find and match the babies with their pet friends and display them in they cute shadow boxes.

 Inside each 2 pack you will find 2 surprise Twozies (A baby and a pet) and a Shadow Box with a Scene Card. There are over 140 Babies and Pets to Collect. Twozies are "Two Match Fun" to collect... Because Everything's Better... Two-gether! 

Each sold individually

Dimensions:1.5" H × 2" W × 2" L



OH NON! Il y a eu une mélange, Les TWOZIES ont perdu leur ami. Ils ont maintenant besoin de ton aide pour se retrouver! Collectionne et jumelle-les tous afin quils ne soient pas Seuls et réunis-les tous dans leur boîte de présentation ...
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