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Modarri S2 Paint It Muscle Car


The Paint-It Muscle Car with extra Hood and Fender provides you with total creative freedom, design and paint a completely unique car! Mix and match your painted pieces for different themes. Real finger-steering and suspension mechanics, modular mix and match design for endless possibilities!

This Delux S2 Paint-It set gives you total creative freedom to truly design a one-of-a-kind car. An extra roadster-styled hood and fender is included in the set so you can create two separate themes, and then mix them! Let this car be your canvas! Need inspiration? Maybe paint a themed car based off your favorite movie, book, or character!

Just like all of our cars, the S2 Paint-It car pieces are interchangeable across all of our Modarri cars, allowing you to mix and match your completely custom pieces with your other cars to create thousands of different design options! This Modarri car has unique finger-steering and suspension mechanics that puts kids in the drivers seat, allowing them to “feel the road.” Your child can drive the car and do tight maneuvers like figure-eights, without ever re-positioning their hand!

Right out of the box, there are many unique combinations that kids can build to make the car their very own! With this set, your child will be playing, painting, and learning for hours of endless fun while creating a unique muscle car, unique roadster car, or a combination of the two! Our modular building system uses retained screws that don’t fall out and allows you to quickly change multiple parts by simply loosening a couple of screws using the swivel tipped hex tool provided.

SET INCLUDES: Modarri Delux X1 Dirt Car Set, Hex Tool and Endless Fun!

  • 13 Mix and Match Parts Included
  • White Muscle Car Hood and Fender
  • White Roadster Hood and Fender
  • White Muscle Car Frame
  • White Muscle Car Chassis
  • Seat
  • 4 Wheels
  • 2 Suspensions
  • Hex Tool

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