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Goki Plan B


Plan B game (only german and english). Plan houses and parks as an architect! When you have 3 houses in your colour standing next to eachother, you have won the game! The other players will try to foil your plans and secure the best building plots for themselves. And whether or not you can finish building the house you have started is not clear either... A combination of strategic thinking and luck of the dice will take you to victory. The rules of the game are surprisingly easy, and the game itself is highly varied and exciting. It is fascinating to see how this game casts a spell over 5 year olds and their parents and grandparents alike! As a family game, Plan B will never become boring for anyone! Sometimes you need a Plan B to achieve your goal! Anker blocks are all natural, environmentally safe products consisting of quartz sand, chalk, linseed oil and pigments.

Play value appropriate for children and lovingly crafted functional design, goki is the name of the brand for high-quality toys at a fair price, ensuring that excellent toys remain affordableWherever families come together, that's where goki is at home. Play value appropriate for children, lovingly crafted functional design and contemporary colours are the distinguishing features of the brand. Good wooden toys are essential for the development and retention of motor, sensory and tactile skills.

Dimensions: 27,5 x 27,5 x 1,2 cm
Material: wood and stone  



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