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Sing It To Win It Contest Rules

Version Français

Presentation Rules and Submission requirements

Participants must present themselves in the following manner, at the beginning of the video:

  • Full name
  • Song title and author
  • Mention "Sing it to win it Contest" for Jouets LOL Toys or else your video will not be entered in the contest.

Submit the video by posting it on your own profile page on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tagging @jouetsloltoys with #likeourlyrics

Contest Rules

  1. Participants can sing any song they like.
  2. Participants can sing in any language.
  3. Bands, duets and solo artists are allowed to compete.
  4. One song per video (medleys are accepted).
  5. Participants can submit every week until the end of the contest.
  6. Participants can submit multiple videos per week, but only one (1) video per week will be eligible for an admittance prize.
  7. Instruments are allowed to be used while singing.
  8. No nudity, sexual behavior, profanity or absence content allowed. We hold the rights to disqualify your video submission deemed such.
  9. Raw, unedited footage.
  10. A single vocal take: we want one live take where video and audio of your lead vocal are captured together and not spliced together from several takes.
  11. Participants must show a clear view of their face: does not need to be close up but we do need to see you singing. (This will also help the audience feel the emotion in your performance)
  12. Decent video and audio: the video doesn't need to be professional be we do need it to have a steady image in which you can be seen and heard clearly.

Voting Rules

  1. Participants must tag @jouetsloltoys and #likeourlyrics
  2. Videos must be made public.
  3. Only likes, shares/retweets will be counted per week.


Legal Jargon

All personal information collected from the Sing it to win it contest will be used only for the purposes of administering the contest, delivering the prizes and for marketing and promotional purposes; under no circumstances will any personal information be sold or rented to third parties. All personal information collected by Jouets LOL Toys will be kept in accordance with the company's privacy policy and in accordance with all applicable privacy laws.