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COPA is more than a game. 18 beautiful wooden bowls made of beech, maple and  walnut and a box full of white beans make easy and variable repertoire for four different games.
Each of the four games of COPA has its own character, because each comes from a different game discipline. Due to its diversity, COPA is a family game as well as a two-person game.

COPA game variants:

  • KALA: Two players sow and harvest the beans in a square of 16 cups. The bonus is an extra cup for each player to move over the game field. Four beans, taken from the general supply, are sown in each turn. The turn always starts in your own shell, which is set for completion. Who will reach a full bowl with the last of his seed bean, is allowed to empty it. The cleverer a player`s plan to change positions of his personal cups, the bigger the harvest.


  •  RONDA: Filled with different amounts, they are arranged in a circle. As in a memory game always two shells are now revealed. Who discovers the same amount of beans twice, may put one of his own beans below. Shell over and go on. Because the amount of beans is always changing, the search is a funny confusion. Who keeps the overview in the shell circuit will get rid of his beans the first and win the game.


  • HOPPER: In this game of skill the players make the beans fly! A unique throwing: technique catapults the beans from the edge of the table into the cups. Who hurls the fourth bean in a bowl, may get it out of the field. It`s fast and furious and exciting! The object of the game is to “shoot down” as many cups as you can!


  • DA CAPO: The great beans bluff! Everyone`s hands are in the table, but how many beans are hidden in the hands? On the count of three, the players show their hands … Who shows most beans may fill one of his bowls. Are two players showing the same number, they lose their beans and the third players may be pleased. The own stock of beans shall be well divided – it`s a far way to the target shell. In each round, the players try to outwit each other. Whoever succeeds in bluffing, while guessing his opponents` bluff, gets closer to the winning cup...


  • 18 wooden cups 
  • 90 beans   
  • 1 game tablett, 
  • 1 box for the beans    


Age: 4 rules for different groups of age (aged 7 years and above)  

Players:  2 to 5

Time: 5 to 30 m

Time: 5 to 30 m

18 wooden cups 

ca. 90 beans   

1 game tablett, 

1 box for the beans    


for 2 - 5 players

4  rules for different groups of age (aged 7 years and above)  

Duration: 10 - 30 minutes

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