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Top 10 trending toys at Jouets LOL Toys for Christmas 2021

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Christmas Time In The City

There’s a store on Park Ex that transforms into a magical wonderland just before the Christmas holidays. That very special store is called Jouets LOL Toys, and the windows are decorated with stuff that dreams are made of and all good little children and adults desire to have. Why not start your Christmas shopping early so you can concentrate on decorating your home and putting up the Christmas tree?
Take a stroll along Avenue Ogilivy and when you come upon Jouets LOL Toys just pull the door open and step into an enchanted fairyland. You will see, toys and board games, books and LEGO sets and so much more. Follow me in discovering the Top 10 toys for this holiday season at Jouets LOL Toys!

10. Musical Toys

Music is joyful and what better time is there for your children to have a concert for their parents?
They can gather around the child size Schoenhut's Baby Grand Piano that comes with a bench and while your little piano playing child is tickling the ivory keys your other children will be singing Christmas carols.
There will be music and lots of it, when your handsome little guy picks up the Hape Vibrant Red Guitar and your daughter can pick up the Janod Confetti Ukulele and make it wail.


Your children’s concert will be the highlight of Christmas Eve and you and the grandparents can join in and sing joyful songs.

9. Corolle Dolls

Awww, how cute are the Corolle baby and toddler dolls! They are the first perfect doll that your child will love. From babies to toddlers to the ages where your child still plays with dolls. All these dolls are each unique in their own way. Your child can take care of their babies just like their parents take care of them.
Some of the dolls come with their own accessories and we have a baby stroller just for them. There are soft and supple babies with adorable vinyl faces and there are baby and toddler dolls with supple vinyl bodies with a light vanilla smell.
These wonderful dolls can teach your child to dress them, feed them, put them to sleep, there is also one interactive doll that will teach your child to say mama and papa. Our Corolle dolls will provide your child hours of fun and will teach them to nurture and care for their special babies from sleepy time to playtime. 

8. Bruder Trucks

Bruder is another brand of toys that we are excited to have in our store. These toys will bring your little boys and girls alike, countless hours of fun! They can pretend they are at a construction site where construction trucks, dump trucks and garbage trucks are busy on a job and where fire trucks and ambulances are nearby in case of an emergency.

7. Janod Art Desk

For those quiet moments there is the Janod 2-in-1 Convertible Desk which turns into an easel for your artistic children. It’s a desk, it’s an easel and all it takes is one click to change. Your child can paint their masterpieces on the easel.
Once their painting is done and they want to read with just another click the easel will become a desk. They can read books in English or Greek which you can also buy at Jouets LOL Toys. The Janod 2-in-1 Convertible Desk is a long term investment and your children will have it for many years.

6. Uno cards

UNO is a wonderful card game for adults and children alike and there are different versions of UNO.
The classic, the Braille (yes Braille!) and the Flip. This year UNO is celebrating their 50th Anniversary and there is a special collectors coin inside the pack.
This is a family card game and you can use them to teach your children to read and count.
We have 8 different kinds of card packs. Imagine the fun and competition you and your family will have with UNO during the holidays!

5. Squigz

For your little ones (6 months and up) Pip Squigz are the perfect toys. The pieces connect easily and pop apart.
Fun for the bath, tables and walls, babies can bang them on their high chair table and they will hold firm with the suction bottom and your child will use their strength to pull them up.
Your little ones will let out gales of laughter. After all isn’t Christmas for the children? Their wonderful laughter and happy giggles will fill your heart with joy.

4. Tegu Building Blocks

Keeping your child stimulated is key to keeping them entertained and Tegu is the top of the line magnetic wooden blocks. Tegu are magnetic blocks made of the finest wood in Honduras. The magnets are hidden on the sides of the blocks.
Tegu will teach them physics and how magnets work to keep the blocks together.
With their creative minds awakened, your child can build just about anything they want with these incredible construction blocks, all while working on their motor skills.
Tegu blocks come in different sizes and shapes making it easy for little hands to hold and start building what their imagination conjures.
It teaches your child problem solving and when they pick up a block they will know exactly where to fit it in.
Imagine the stories your child will entertain you with as they see what their hands have built.

3. Grippies

Another top toy we carry is the building block toy for toddlers called “Grippies” from the well known company Guidecraft.
They are a STEAM building toy that your toddlers and young children will love. Grippies teach your child the joys of exploration, and the basics of engineering and geometry. Your children could aspire to become engineers and use their imagination to build unique things.



Even at that young age, Grippies will stimulate your child and allow their brain to explore building ideas. Grippies come in four soft matte textures and beautiful bright colours to catch their eye. These building blocks are suitable for toddlers starting at 18 months all the way to 3 years or more!

2. Lego Dot Art

Here's another perfect gift that you can buy for family members, friends and of course, yourself! LEGO Dots is such a fantastic item because it allows you to create one of a kind pictures and portraits of your favourite characters and iconic legends.
We carry six varied sets. We all need to de-stress from the daily issues that occur throughout their lives and so the best thing about about LEGO Dots is that once you complete your masterpiece, you can frame it and decorate any room in the house or break it apart and restart on a new design!



1. Fidget Toys

One of the most in demand and "in thing" item this year are the “Dimpls” or what these kids today call them "Pop its", and we have all kinds of them. They are the perfect gift to keep the children calm and busy.
They keep the children stimulated and teach your children colours, shapes and numbers. There is one in Braille with shapes for the visually impaired.
The rainbow dimpl is bilingual English/Spanish. Your children can pick one up and just touch, push, pop and learn at the same time.
There are also keychains that do double duty, adults too will love them as they can use them anytime and anywhere to release stress and anxiety.




Now that you have all these wonderful gift ideas for your children, it’s time to think ahead and plan what you will decorate your home with. There are exquisite ornaments of all kinds for your tree, which are hand painted by a talented Canadian artist; snow globes with pretty winter scenes that you wind up and play music as the snow and glitter fall gently inside; Santa and reindeer figurines, elves and angels, trains and table top trees, lanterns that light up, the three Wise Men and stars; Disney figurines of beloved characters, plush snowmen and 3D puzzles that you can work on and proudly display; and last but not least, candles for ambiance and for your table settings with whimsical serving platters.


Are you tired of malls and big chain stores that are hectic, noisy and full of people? Then come and see us at Jouets LOL Toys where you are treated like family by our friendly and knowledgeable staff. They can help you select that perfect gift, that you’ve been having trouble finding, with a smile.



We want to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas filled with love, happiness and above all else health. Stay safe and enjoy the holidays!



Written by Maria Linhares



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